9 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Start Trading Now

People from all across the globe consider trading as a risky profession. They often ask questions like “why should I trade?” “why trading is important?” or “is trading really worth it?” Don’t be anxious and overthink. If you have enough ambition and patience, you can start trading and be successful. And yes, trading really worth a shot. What is better than being your own boss?

Why should you start trading?

There are multiple reasons you should start trading now. But 9 of them are really life-changing that can make you turn toward the trading profession.

1. Start if you don’t want to follow orders

If you don’t like a job and let others dictate you, you should start trading. Be a boss to yourself and earn a handsome amount of money. If you are such a person then trading is for you.

2. Start because of time flexibility

Time flexibility is also the key reason why you should start now. Financial markets remain open from 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM. That means you don’t have to follow a hectic schedule and commute to work daily. You can trade whenever you want.

3. Start because win-win scenarios surround you

There are trends in financial markets that repeat themselves every now and then. Sometimes markets are at boom and prices go up. Some other times, markets face downtrends and prices begin to fall. Uptrend and downtrend often move in a cycle. But traders are always in a win-win situation. They can make profits from rising as well as falling prices. So, isn’t it enough to know why should you start trading?😇

4. Start because of high liquidity

All financial markets are liquid beyond your imagination. That means there will be uncountable buyers and sellers available in a fraction of a second. High liquidity enables traders to make profitable trades whenever the opportunity knocks at their door. . High liquidity and vast financial markets make it impossible for big players to manipulate prices.

5. Start because you can risk as much as you want

Trading suits both types of personality traits in terms of risk-taking, risk-takers, and risk-averse. You can risk as much as you want. If you are a bit risk-averse, you can trade less risky instruments. On the other hand, if you are a risk-taker and want huge returns, you can invest in other instruments that promise huge returns. You can also manage your risks through risk management techniques like stop-losses.

6. Start because trading can make more than any other business

When you look back at history’s most successful traders and investors, it becomes evident that trading has the potential to make more than any other business. Most successful traders of all time like Jesse Livermore, William Gann, George Soros, etc. made millions through trading. This was all possible because trading brings fortunes when you have the right strategies, skills, and attitudes.

7. Start because you don’t need huge sums of money to start

Trading doesn’t require huge investments. You can trade with little investment and can grow it gradually. There are a few financial markets where you need fractionally higher initial investment. But, there are some others like the equity market where you can start with a very small amount.

8. Start trading today to grow your money

This is the simplest reason you should start trading today. Trading has the potential to grow more than fixed deposits over the long run. Why start trading? Start trading to add to the money you already have. If you can keep on investing, you can turn a minimum amount into more than millions.

9. Start because it promises high profitability

One of the best things about trading is it promises high profitability. Although you cannot achieve high profitability overnight. You have to be patient and disciplined to reach that level but the potential is there. Once you master a profitable trading strategy and understand how financial markets behave, profit potential rises. Is trading really worth it? Yes, it is and you will definitely pick ripe fruit one day.

To Your Trading Success,
Kirti Agrawal 
Professional Day Trader & Trading Coach

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