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Price Action Setups

You will learn the best 8 price action setups and 3 strategies for day trading , swing trading & portfolio building. You will learn to read the flow of the price, understand what moves the markets, how to anticipate price moves and how to take the best trading opportunities.

Trading Beyond Patterns

Trading Conventional charts pattern is not the key to successful trading. They have very low success ratio. You will learn to read the price behavior & psychology of market participants reflected into price. We will do very deep study of price action trading.

Successful Trading

Besides the technical aspects, you will also learn about trading psychology, trade management, money management, trading plan & trading journal . After completing the course, you have the knowledge- how to become a professional trader.

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— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

"I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Day Traders, achieve Trading Success using Price Action System."

Kirti Agrawal, belongs to a middle class family and her father is a retail Businessman . When she moved from her hometown for pursuing Engineering then she saw an advertisement in Hindi Newspaper having a content “ Learn while you Earn” which triggered her mind and she found that place and joined that institute at the age of 19 years and she was the only female in that batch being the youngest among them .

She started saving her pocket money to learn Stock Market Technical Analysis. She started with a capital of 50k at the age of 19 years which she borrowed from her brother and in just two months she made a profit of approx One Lakh Sixty Seven Thousand Rupees . 

kirti Agrawal

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Trading Psychology

Risk Management & Quantity Management

Pivot Mastery

Market Traps

8 Price Action Setups

Momentum Buy & Sell

Breakout Trading Strategies

GAP Trading Tactics

180 Degree Turn Around

Marvellous Moving Averages


Online Training Process

What Make us Different from other

Online Training


Get world-class training to learn the price action system used by most successful traders globally.

Online Training

Training is designed in 3 different levels to give you structured knowledge, to get the trading success.

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Coaching & Mentoring


You will be able to meet regularly with your mentor Ms. Kirti Agrawal through daily & weekly webinars and maintain frequent communication. Also, the best trading opportunities based on our price action setups.

Coaching & Mentoring

In daily & weekly meet-ups a Step by Step Implementation guide will be given to you, to get the trading results fast.

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Millionaire Trader Club


Ultimate aim is to become a part of a millionaire trader club, a community of successful traders who have achieved 1 million profits from trading after the training.

Millionaire Trader Club

Advance concepts & systems for scaling up your trading business.

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Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me
This was the first week when I made consistent profit Even if it was just one lot trading but it wasn't loss Your techniques are good and trying to understand the best that I can. This looks very very promising. Just wanted to acknowledge that your training seems very very helpful. Thank You.
Mr. Keyur
I have completed all given sessions Mam, Hat's off for your research & Hard Work. you have given same knowledge but differently, so as students become profitable by simple way, Today I have taken trades according_to YTG course knowledge & get started to become profitable.
Mr. Jagdish Jagwani
Madam kirti agrawal. I Umang chhabra want to thank you for all the efforts you made in your online teaching sessions and online live trading sessions to help us grow as a trader . You helped us and encouraged us to face challenges during live market hours. You are not only our teacher but also our guide ,all rolled in one person. I will always be grateful to you for providing support and guidance even after the course was finished. Thanking you Yours sincerely Umang chhabra.
Mr. Umangg Chhabra
Hi I am Gaurav singla. I have join services before one month. This service is very good. Excellent program very well explained live trading program added a completely new dimension to the training courses. And before Joining I don't know how to do market work. but after joining. I got the knowledge how does the stock market work. And supporting system is very good.
Gaurav Singla
Madam, I want to greet you for your indepth knowledge you taught during training of our batch. You told that position of candle matter, if a strong candle is placed at the start of the day it has a different meaning and if same candle at the end of the day it has different meaning. It is regarding yesterday's closing of bank nifty. I have found a perfect teacher a learned one in you. I'm going through training videos and enriching my self...kindly accept my high Regards
Mr. Harish
During Lockdown Period..I had the opportunity to have Training Session from KIRTI mam... which changed my total Approach to Market in Modern time.. Although I am in the Stock Market Since 2003!
. Dr. Pradeep Sood
Kirti is a complete and comprehensive Trader and is able to provide clarity in concepts which help one become a master trader like her. She is quick to spot an opportunity in the markets and is able to generate superior risk adjusted returns with focus on capital protection first and then on return. She is able to draw from her in depth experience and her calm demeanor adds to the quality of the trade.
Ramaiya Kapoor
Listened one video, psychology, Really very very useful, I will have to listen it again and again and again... Perfect guide, I was in need
Vikas Yadav

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Romeo never knows what he wants. he seemed to be very cross about something.
Wild romeo
Romeo never knows what he wants. he seemed to be very cross about something.
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